WSM(world standard materials), founded in 1999 in Busan, South Korea has continuously involved in products referring to the chemical and petrochemical industries, and grown to global company by investing R&D and quality assurance.

To maintain a sound business relationship with not only domestic companies but world-wide advanced companies, we endeavour to develop state of art products.

We also have a confidence that we pioneer new line-up of high end materials under flanges, plates, tubes, plates, pipe, coils and fittings.

With advances in technology and competitive edge, we have made grater efforts to satisfy our customers coming over and we respond quickly to their request in timely manner. We will also offer commitment to give full support our customers so that they can get most range of products into the marketplace on time.

Call us Monday-Friday AM 09 to PM 06, +82 10 5002 4662 or e-mail us anytime. We have the products you need.